Monster Makers Foam Latex System

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Výrobek splňuje požadavky na kvalitu latexu pro výrobu protetiky. Jedná se o nejpoužívanější a nejkvalitnější systém pro výrobu protetiky z pěnového latexu ve filmovém průmyslu. Tento Kit obsahuje všechny potřebné ingredience a činidla, které se při výrobě latexové pěny používají.

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Značka Monster Makers
Kategorie Pěnový latex

Monster Makers foam latex is a prosthetic grade natural foam latex. This is one of the leading foam latex systems in the industry, making it a popular product for both professional SFX artists and students alike.

Monster Makers are one of the worlds leading suppliers of three dimensional special effects materials. They have been selling since 1986 and have had their products used in countless movies and blockbusters. We are extremely excited to be able to tell you that we are one of the very few official UK stockists of Monster Maker products. This means that you can buy from us safe in the knowledge of the products quality and authenticity.

Monster Makers foam latex is a prosthetic grade natural foam latex that offers extremely fine cell size and superior stability. This makes it ideal for use in prosthetic creation. All of our Monster Maker kits come with full instructions for their use but should you require any extra assistance or tips please feel free to contact us.

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