PPI Spirit Gum Pen Applicator

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Pohodlné balení lepidla PPI Spirits/Mastix v podobě pera s obsahem 15 ml.

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Kód produktu 1023
Značka PPI
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The newly designed 1/2 oz. Applicator Pen is more compact than ever, and the flexible plastic tip will never crack or break off.  It is the perfect size for your makeup kit and your pocket.  PPI Spirits is our definitive matte lace spirit-gum adhesive.  Originally developed and perfected for use on the 2012 Oscar winning film, Lincoln,  PPI Spirits is a very strong, fast drying matted adhesive,  suitable for all lace hair-goods, as well as appliances. It doesn't yellow the lace, create build-up or get crusty.   This product is cruelty-free and vegan approved.  PPI Spirits is also available in a 1 oz. bottle, and in a Gel.


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