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Profesionální řezačka modelovacích hmot

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Constructed of high grade aluminium very tough and easy to use, just rotate the twist clamps anti clockwise on either side of the cutter slide the centre rail away from the cutting wire to the required thickness on the gauge pillars and then re lock the two twist clamps clockwise, remember not to over tighten the claps then just draw the cutter across your block of clay.

Maintenance - After every use give the pillars a wipe over with a damp cloth to stop the build up of dried clay on the pillars which can hinder the sliding action of the twist clamps on the pillars, also to improve sliding action if that becomes a bit stiff, un screw the twist clamps completely slide them up the pillars and add a little talc to both rubber O rings this keeps them lubricated, then slide the twist clamp caps back down and re-tighten.

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