ProCell S3 Foam

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PU flexibilní pěna vhodná na lití s možností nastavit variabilní hustotu.

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Značka MouldLife
Kategorie Materiály

Pro-cell S3 is a low density flexible Polyurethane foam. The system is designed to have a slow rise, with a cream time of 30-40 seconds, allowing plenty of time for mixing of casts up to 1kg in weight.

The degree of softness of ProCell S3 can be varied by altering the mix ratio; using this technique, a range of foams can be produced, from a very soft, compliant foam through to a stiffer, more resilient material. This techniques requires some experimentation – please see section 6 for further information.

Key benefits of ProCell S3 include:-
Extremely soft and compliant foam with very low density (typically 100 kg/m3 , 7 lb/ft3 ) 
Can be used at varying mix ratios to provide a range of foam softness 
Bright white colouring – readily and effectively pigmented 
CFC-free (Water blown) and non-flammable
Low viscosity allows for easy pouring once mixed
Can be cut and shaped with appropriate tools
Can be used with an additive to give a degree of fire retardance

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